10 X T5 5050 1-SMD 74 Wedge Car LED Side Interior Dashboard Light Bulbs

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This page feature 10 pcs of T5 Wedge 1-SMD 5050 LED Light.
Common replacement Bulbs for Cars, Boats, and Bikes.
They are easy DIY installation, Suitable for :
Shifter Lights
A/C and HVAC panels
1W each bulb

The LED light uses a bright 1W LED, measures from top to bottom 18mm and a width of 8mm. Durable, shock and vibration proof, instant On/Off. low heat generation, virtually unbreakable. 12V DC Available in Brilliant Red, Green, Amber, Xenon White and Ultra Blue.
Since LED lamp has + and - terminals, so if there is no lighting after inserting it into the socket, just simply change the terminal oppositely.
Cross Reference: T5 74 17 18 37 70 73 79 85 86 2721

White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow


10 pcs T5 Lights