20000mAh Car Jump Starter, Mobile Power Bank, Power Station

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size: 131 * 75 * 25mm
Battery capacity: 20000mAh (virtual), ~12800mAh* (actual)
Output Voltage: 12V
USB Output: 5V 2A
Input: cV / cC 12V 1A
Output: 5V (2A) / 12V Jump Start
Start Current: 200A
Current peak: 400A
It starts petrol Cars up to 4L (This model might not start diesel cars)
Fully charge time: up to approximately 4 hours
Life cycle: 3000 times above
Operating temperature: -20~60 deg

Comes with the following:
1 x Power Bank
1 x Wall Power adapter
1 x Cigarette lighter charging adapter
1 x Four-in-one mobile phone adapter cable
1 x Smart jumpstart clamps with reverse-polarity protection
1 x Carrying Hard Case
1 x User manual

*Please note that for ALL power banks the number of full charges of your device cannot be derived accurately by dividing the power bank capacity by the capacity of the device you are charging. This can vary for reasons such as ambient temperature, voltage conversion and battery health. In general, though, this unit will charge a new iPhone 6 at least 2 times. ALL portable jump starters with a marked capacity of near or above 50,800mAH will have an actual capacity when used as a power bank. We have chosen to be transparent and disclose ours.