3" Universal Auto Car HUD Head Up Display Overspeed Warning OBD2

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X6 HUD main features:
1. Plug and play: Auto-matching automobile models of OBD II or EOBD(European On-Board Diagnostics).
2. For safer driving: Omitting your lowering head to the dashboard, just concentrate on the road ahead and you will notice your driving data.
3. Over-speeding alarm: Alerts you if you exceed the speed limit.
4. Multi-color and high definition display: More abundant frames and easy to read.
5. Adopted nano-technology: Eliminating unwanted reflection to present more definition frames.
6. Display rich contents: Speed, engine rpm, water temperature, voltage, instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, over-speeding alarm, engine fault alarm, fault code elimination, km/mile free shifting.
7. Auto switch: Automatically turn on and off in accordance with the car engine, which will effectively protect the car battery. Except, remaining manual switch for your beer control of this HUD.
8. Auto and manual brightness adjustment: Automatically adjusts its brightness to provide clearly visible projections in both direct sunlight or at night.
9. Detect accurate driving information from ECU of your vehicle via OBDII system.

Technical parameter:
Environment temperature - 40 ~ 80
Barometric press:86-106KPa
Relative humidity:10%-95%
Environment voice:<=60dB
Alarm of sound level:>=30dB(A)
Work voltage:9V~16Vdc(12Vdc/400mA)
Size of product:9x5.4x1.2(cm)
Weight of product:40g

Package Include:
1 x X6 3inch Car HUD Head-Up Display OBD 2 Speed Warning System
1 x OBD Cable
1 x Reflecting Film
1 x Anti-slip Pad
1 x User Manual