3m Mini Displayport Thunderbolt DP to HDMI Male

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Mini Display Port DP Thunderbolt to HDMI Male Cable Adapter 3m

The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable and your Mac is all you need to watch videos, play games, or surf the web right on your LCD TV. Connects your new generation MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro to a monitor, HDTV or any display device with HDMI port.


•Length: 3m
•Color: White
•Type: Mini Display Port Male to HDMI Male
•Gold Plated Connector
•Plug protection Caps
•Supports Audio & Video
•Supports Full HD 1080p resolution
•Full EMI and RF Shielding
•Passes HDCP compliant signals
•Thunderbolt compatible - Video will pass through Thunderbolt port
•Compatible with PC with Mini DisplayPort

•Note: As of April 10, 2010 Apple added support for audio out using the Mini DisplayPort in their Mac product line. This feature allows users to connect their Mac to their LCD TV using this Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable with audio and video functionality. Mac made before this date will only support video.

*Aftermarket Product, Not Made by APPLE!