5" 120mm 3 IN 1 Wate Temp Oil Pressure Rev Gauge

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5'' Tachometer 3in1 Integrated Temp & Pressure (black or white)Original color box

Main Features:

1.120mm-dia. Tachometer with built-in digital display functions.
2. Brightness adjustable electro luminescent (EL) display.
3. Standard equipped with gear shift light.
4. Equipped with digital temperature/pressure display function.
5. Easy to read high R. P. M. Zone. Accurate RPM reading all the way to 11, 000 RPM
6. Warning memory function.
7. Playback function.
8. Peak memory function.
9. The new DECS Tachometer combines the classic RPM, warning, and memory playback functions of the previous EL Tachometer with the real time temperature and pressure display of an EL II Meter.
10. This completely redesigned unit uses the same EL (Electro-Luminescence) technology as the original EL Tachometer.
11. Looking to combine as many aspects of engine monitoring into one unit as possible, it's designed to employ the new DECS (Dynamic Electronic Control System) technology.
12. The DECS system integrates an optional pressure or temperature sensor to display real time values in a digital readout.
13. Temperature values can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Centigrade. The DECS Tach also comes standard with a high intensity, dual stage shift light for accurate gear shifts.
14. 120mm large analog display for easy to read shifting points.
15. Digital display built into the gauge face.
16. Classic EL (Electro-Luminescence) lighting
17. Progressive number design for better high RPM viewing
18. Integrated TEMP, and Pressure reading
19. Versatile mounting bracket

**Professional installation is recommended.

1 x 120mm Tachometer
1 x Temp Sensor
1 x Pressure Sensor
1 x Bracket and stand
1 x Shift Light
1 x Wirings
1 x Instruction