52mm 2" Electrical Oil Pressur Gauge Black Digital

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Measuring your Oil Pressure is essential so you can protect your motor against serious damage if the oil pressure goes to the extreme high or low. These are quality oil pressure gauges that are 2 inches in diameter and you use the sensor unit provided to measure the pressure.

**You might need the oil filter (sandwich plate) adapter (extra cost) to fit the pressure sensor.

• Fits any vehicle whether its Petrol or Diesel
• This gauge is Black Smoke style
•.When powered on it has a blue light at the background
• To be used with sensor adapter (PLEASE ENQUIRE)
• Electrical oil pressure gauge
• 52mm Gauge (2" diameter)
• Illuminates (blue) when wired up

• Oil Pressure Gauge
• Pressure sensor
• Mounting hardware ( Mounting cup not included)
• Simple Instructions (professional installation recommended)