52mm 2" Electrical Water Temp Gauge

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The 52mm LCD digital series gauges have two modes, with the ignition off the gauge face is totally black and when the ignition is switched on the gauge face bursts into life with a stunning red /blue LCD opening ceremony.

With Blue or Red switchable background color.

These gauges represent the very latest LCD gauge technology and perform a full self-calibrate sequence each time the gauge is turned on. As the ignition is turned on the gauges take an automatic adjustment reading within the sender to zero the gauge.


Electric Sender/sensor
Quick connect pigtail wiring

Measured value: Water temperature
Measuring range: 40 - 140°C
Warning function: No
Peak function: No
Size of gauge: 52mm
Deep: 30mm
Daisy chain: No
Smoke lens: Yes
Type of gauge: Electronic
Display: LCD Display
Backlight color: With Blue or Red switchable background color.

Visor: No
Gauge cap: No
Opening ceremony: Yes
Sensors included: Yes