7" TFT LCD Screen Car Rearview Stand Monitor 12V-24V

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This high-resolution 7 inch LCD monitor is a quick and affordable way to transform your boring ride into a fun and entertaining experience. It features dual video input connections so you can connect your DVD player, digital TV receiver or other video sources, and it's the perfect size for placing on your car’s dashboard for use as a rear-view parking monitor.

This monitor features an impressive display resolution of 800x480. This allows you to enjoy beautiful high-resolution widescreen images that really bring your movies to life. It also comes with a fully adjustable mounting bracket that can be placed on your car's dashboard. Or with a little handy work you can use the built in bracket to mount this device into the back of your headrest.

You could rotate the image to be Left-right or upside down, meaning you can use the rear view camera as front view or mount the monitor on the roof :)
7 Inch widescreen LCD monitor
Wide Working Power: DC12V-24V
High-resolution 800x480 monitor
Can be installed into any headrest
Comes with adjustable dash mount bracket
Great for movies or as reverse camera monitor
Clear and vivid images with great color accuracy
Connects to any DVD player with RCA OUT connection
Quick and easy to install into any automobile


Connections: 2x RCA A/V IN
Buttons: Menu, System, AUX 1, AUX 2
Video System: NTSC/PAL (auto switch)
Display Size: 7.0 inches
Display Mode: 16:9 4:3
Display Type: Widescreen TFT LCD
Resolution: 800x480
Working Power: DC 12V-24V
Headrest Dimensions(mm): 171(l)x114(w)x22(h)
Screen Size: 155mm*87mm (6.89")
A/V Cable length(mm) 213

**For those who noticed the scratches on the screen, there's a screen protector on it, you'll need to peel it off.