8" 600W MAX Car Subwoofer with Built In Amplifier Kuerl K-T8APR

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Sophisticated design

Its layout is convenient and thought out in order to deliver the maximum ease of installation and device settings and in this design to extract the maximum of quality indicators from it. This subwoofer model has a phase-inverted casing made of MDF and plastic. The phase inverter contributes to both the cooling of the speaker coil and the brighter reproduction of low frequencies. The profile of the body in the form of a trapezoid contributes to stability when driving on our roads.

Worthy sound

A distinct sounding of low frequencies is an indispensable condition in the choice of equipment among fans of modern music. The big speaker together with the phase inverter will not disappoint music lovers in this part. A subwoofer with a built-in amplifier reproduces the frequency band from 20 to 20,000 Hz (declared by the manufacturer). And it will not be a mixed cacophony, thanks to a high-frequency twitter mounted on the top panel and a crossover that separates the frequencies. The claimed 600 watts of maximum power and 75 nominal will ensure that your music if desired, will be clearly audible not only to you.

*Professional Installation is Recommended

The subwoofer fits freely in the space of an uncluttered trunk, and the decorative speaker protection prevents the possibility of mechanical damage. The device is easily switched with an amplifier or car radio, as well as with the onboard network of the machine. Cables with connectors for this are included.

A compact and efficient subwoofer will turn a trivial trip into a road concert of your favorite music in high quality and resist your tiredness of monotony and tension.

Specifications Car subwoofer Kuerl K-T8APR

Maximum power output: 600 W
Speaker size: 8 "(20 cm)
Frequency range: 20 - 20000 Hz
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Dimensions: *Please see images
Warranty: 12 months