Car Alarm System

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*Car central locking output.
*Remote Arm / Disarm and Panic
*Built-in Shock Sensor (Adjustable)
*Red Warning LED indicator
*Remote Silent Arm / Disarm
*Beep Sound (Remote Selectable)
*Auto Relocking/ Auto Rearming(Remote Selectable)
*Foot brake lock(Remote Selectable)
*Valet Mode(Remote Selectable)
*Door not close warning(Remote Selectable)
*Exit Delay Time 5 or 30 sec(Remote Selectable)
*Door Open Detection
*2 port Three wire Dual Zone Shock Sensor
*Passive Engine Immobilizer
*Code Learning Technology

1 x Control Box
2 x Remotes
1 x Indicating LED
1 x Shock Sensor
1 x Relay
1 x User Manual with Wiring Diagram
Few wires