Remote Control Wiring Harness for LED Lights 300W Max 40A for 1 Light

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Universal wiring harness for off-road LED light bars and LED work light lamps for ATV, truck, car, 4WD, SUV, van.
12 Volt 40A LED light bar wiring harness.

**Wiring has 1 output for connecting to 1 light.
**ON/OFF controlled by the remote as well as flashing.

-Universal wire harness, compatible with most automotive LED work lights.
-The switching relay is rated to 40A so you could wire multiple driving lights. (depending on the wattage)
-ON / OFF remote control
-In-line safety fuse included
-Voltage: 9-36V
-Wattage: 300W Max
-Current: 40A
-Fuse Ampere Rating: 30A

Package included:
1 x 40 amp relay wiring harness with fuse and connection plugs
1 x Remote Control