Remote Controlled Wiring Harness Kit for LED Light Bars 300W Max 40A

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Remote Controlled Universal wiring harness for off-road LED light bars and LED work light lamps for ATV, truck, car, 4WD, SUV, van.
12 Volt 40A LED light bar wiring harness.
(Change the 12V relay to 24V to use on a 24V vehicle. Buyer can easily get the 24V relay at JayCar)

Comes with 2 40A Replays, double ON/OFF switches.
Specially designed for LED light Bars with Orange lights on both sides, as pictures. (Light Bar not included in this auction)

**Wiring has 4 outputs for connecting to 4 lights
**This kit has double switches so you'll have the option just to turn 2 lights on or 4 lights on at the same time.

-Universal wire harness, compatible with most automotive LED work lights.
-The switching relay is rated to 40A so you could wire multiple driving lights. (depending on the wattage)
-ON / OFF indicator light switch
-In-line safety fuse included
-Voltage: 12V
-Wattage: 300W Max
-Current: 40A
-Fuse Ampere Rating: 30A
-Wiring Length: 3M
-Remote Distance: ~80m

Package included:
1 x Remote Controlled wiring harness with fuse and connection plugs.