Universal 120° Car Front/Rear View Camera with 8 Infrared Night Vision

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Connected with your in-Car DVD Player or any Monitor or GPS (Provided your display device has the standard RCA video input)
Waterproof, can work in inclement weather

*This camera has 2 wires coming out from the rubber joiner (Please check the picture), by default it acts as a front view camera with no grid lines. Cut the white wire, it becomes a rearview camera with no grid line. Cut both the white and green wires, it acts as a rearview camera with grid lines.

Image sensor: CCD
TV system: PAL (might not work for some in-dash monitors as they are most likely NTSC format)
Effective Pixel: 656×492 pixels
Resolution: 420 TV Lines
Diagonal viewing angle: 120°
Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux
Power Supply: DC 12V
Dimensions: 22mm x 22mm x 22mm (without bracket)
Video Cable length: ~5.5m
Power cord length: ~1m
Color: Black
Package weight:190g

Package includes
1 x 120° Viewing Angle DIY Car Front/Rear View Camera
1 x ~5.5m video cable
1 x Power cord