Universal 62mm Oil Pressure Multi D/A Gauge

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This gauge stands out from the rest with a standard analogue Oil Pressure needle display plus a digital display at the base that shows digital Oil Pressure readout plus voltage read out. The digital LCD can be configured to show one or both readings in different styles (numerically and bar graphs).

The gauge can be set to glow in any 1 of 7 colours also to match your interior. It has complete dimmer control over the display and you can even set different colours for day and night use!!!

**This gauge package contains the gauge, Pressure sensor, all cabling and gauge stand. Unlike other styles of gauges no extra control box is required. Universal install on any vehicle**

•Gauge is 62mm (will fit the majority of aftermarket gauge holders or can be used with the included stand)
•Digital Display can show Oil Pressure and Volts reading
•Digital Display is customisable to display 1 or 2 readings (numerically and in graphs)
•7 Colour backlight (you can choose from any of 7 colours)
•Adjustable Warning Levels (set a maximum/minimum level where an alarm will sound and warning will flash up if reached)
•Comes with everything required for install.
•This Oil Pressure gauge has a range of 0 to 8 x100 kPa.
•When initially powered on, the gauge displays an opening ceremony which calibrates the gauge to ensure accurate reading.

Package Includes:
•Oil Pressure Gauge
•Gauge Stand
•Sensor and all cabling
•Retail Box
*No installation manual is included, basic wiring instruction is printed on the box. Professional installation is recommended.