Universal Auto Turbo Timer NA & Turbo

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This universal Auto Timer allows the vehicle to idle for a preset amount of time after the ignition key has been removed. In turbocharged vehicles, this prevents hot oil in the engine from cooking up in the lines. Hard driving can raise engine oil temperatures to dangerously high levels. Proper cool down is essential for a healthy turbo and engine.

Since the Auto Timer uses the factory O2 sensor which is primarily designed for emissions, the readings may not be as accurate when the O2 sensor is cold. A'pexi recommends that the O2 sensor readings be compared to a high grade "tuning" O2 sensor for comparison. The Timer can also display critical data such as O2 sensor voltage and Battery Voltage. To prevent potential theft while running, the handbrake safety feature shuts off the vehicle when the handbrake is released without the ignition key.


Universal fit for all vehicles with a 12 volt switched power source

100% Brand new & Never used.
Color: black
O2 sensor voltage A/F value can be displayed.
Displays A/F ratio as RICH or LEAN via 2 colors LED.
16 Way adjustment of countdown timing from 0-10 minutes.
Automatic countdown feature in order to ensure the most optimum countdown setting from the widest array of vehicles the user can choose from 144 different setings.
First Timer to utilize O2 sensor voltage when calculating count down time compared to timers that only use vehicle speed and RPM,this Timer can set the most accurate after idling time possible.
This Turbo Device is equipped with a parking Brake safety function which will keep the car from moving forward when idling in the count down function.
Installation instruction is included, please read carefully when you install.

Package includes:
1 Control Unit
1 Relay Unit